Johnny Cash and Machine Gun Kelly Discuss Legal Matters

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Johnny Cash: Hey Machine Gun Kelly, have you ever had to deal with legal land title issues in Ozark, MO?

Machine Gun Kelly: Nah man, that’s not really my thing. I’m more into the music scene. But I do know a thing or two about basic buy sell agreements.

Johnny Cash: Interesting. I’ve been looking into business partnership agreements in South Africa myself.

Machine Gun Kelly: Cool, cool. Hey, have you heard about military pilot height requirements? I’ve always been curious about that.

Johnny Cash: Yeah, I’ve looked into it before. But did you know that there are places where polygamous marriages are legal? It’s pretty wild.

Machine Gun Kelly: No way! Speaking of things that sound wild, did you know that there are regulations about owning a tiger in Ontario??

Johnny Cash: That’s crazy! And hey, do you know how long Ronaldo’s contract is?

Machine Gun Kelly: I have no idea, man. But I bet there are some contract termination fees involved! Ha!